Local Importance of the Irish Moss Industry

To this day, if you drive around the western shore of Prince Edward Island during the summer and early fall, you will see the impact the Irish Moss industry has had on the communities that make up that part of the province. You would be certain to see half-ton trucks equipped with high sideboards for hauling moss as well as several moss processing plants plants, a namesake café and the wharves where the moss is unloaded from the boats. You might also see moss drying on people’s driveways and lawns and if you are fortunate you might see large, powerful horses in the shallow waters raking in the moss .

The impact of the Irish Moss industry on western P.E.I. becomes obvious as soon as you begin to talk to the people of the area or even listen to some of the local music. Island icon, Stompin’ Tom Connors expresses the area’s feelings toward the industry when he writes “You can hear the roar from the Tignish Shore, There’s moss in Skinner’s Pond.” The Island entertainer talks about the discovery of moss in his home community in Western, P.E.I. in his “Song of the Irish Moss.”

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