Because the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre runs without support from the government for its operation, it depends on donations and volunteers. There are various ways you can help:
  1. If you see a marine mammal in distress, call the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre first at 604-258-SEAL (7325). Don't try to move it unless a Marine Mammal Rescue staff member has okayed it! For example, a harbour seal pup that looks orphaned or abandoned may have simply been temporarily left on safe dry land while its mother goes foraging for food.
  2. Donate household items. The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is always in need of supplies to carry out day-to-day activities. Towels, gloves, and rubber boots are all household items that can be put to good use at the rescue centre.
  3. Follow safe marine mammal watching guidelines. Seals can become orphaned if their mothers are struck by boats. Steller sea lions are in more remote locations, but are still at risk if a boat comes too close. By keeping a safe distance from animals that are in water or on land, you can reduce the risk of disturbance to marine mammals. More information can be found in the cetaceans section of this site.

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