TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Taking out the trash has never been this fun! Watch as volunteers get down and dirty to save our shorelines. Follow this link.

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Desmond Rodenbour:

I’m Desmond Rodenbour, the National Manager of the TD Canada Trust Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The ultimate purpose of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is to clean up shorelines for the protection of habitat and the protection of creatures. Surely it’s lovely to have beautified beaches and shorelines but that’s not ultimately the goal. The most important principle of the Shoreline Cleanup is to make sure that we remove harmful, human-created debris from important habitat.

If you just look at the statistics, last year, 64,000 kg of debris were removed from Canadian shorelines and each one of those objects, an object even as small as a cigarette butt, can kill or injure an animal. So it’s very, very important the work that we do and the work that volunteers all across Canada come out, they make a real difference, both in the community and all across the country.

Sue Horne:

Many drinking bottles found.

Desmond Rodenbour:

Well, I can only see the cleanup growing. Just last year, TD Canada Trust came on as the title sponsor and has allowed us to continue to expand the program. And this year, with almost 37,000 volunteers coast to coast, it is the biggest shoreline cleanup in Canadian history. And I think next year will be bigger and better than this year.

In 2005, more than 36,000 volunteers combed 813 sites across the country removing 86,201 kg of garbage from 1,477 km of shoreline.

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