QUESTIONS TO ADDRESS:: The Acadians also devised means to transport themselves and their goods both on water and on land. They brought some types of boat with them + they used canoes: why did they use both? If the Acadians used native canoes, did the native peoples use European style boats?

They brought European style vehicles for use on land with them + used native toboggans, why did they do both? Investigate just what kind of vehicles they used…why?...where did they get them?

If the Acadians borrowed the toboggan idea from the native peoples, did the native peoples also use European style transport on land? (If not, why not?)
DRAW and DESCRIBE: Investigate just what kind of boats they used, once they were settled, here. Where did they get them? Investigate what kind of carts and sleds they used. Did they make them for themselves?
Paul Bogaard
Adèle Hempel, Jason Bartlett
18-19th Century
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