Format: Team activity

Work in groups of 6 to 9 students to design the next great car for the Canadian market. Paul Deutschman’s video, The Designer’s Role in Creating Cars and Jacques Ostiguy’s video, The Main Steps in Designing Today’s Cars, will give you valuable insight into the car design process.

As a team, follow these steps (based on the process outlined in Jacques Ostiguy’s video):

1. Select a lead designer to moderate large-group discussions.

2. Create a design brief. Your design brief should indicate: 

• the price range for your car ($18,000 to $22,000; $23,000 to $35,000; $36,000 to $45,000)

• your target market (families, active young singles, successful professionals, older retirees)

• the main features that your car will have (for example two door vs. four door, four-wheel drive, etc.)

• seating and luggage capacity

• sales potential (where in Canada your car might be sold)

3. Brainstorm ways in which your car could fulfill the requirements of your design brief.

4. Break into groups of three to design a car.

5. As a large group, review each small team’s design. Select one car design for further development. Which design best fits the design brief? Which car has the most sales potential? Which car looks like it will have the fewest manufacturing complications?

6. Once you’ve picked the ‘winning’ design, work as a large group to finalize any remaining details. Make decisions about comfort features, colours, and materials. Sketch out the winning design, and discuss options for a public unveiling strategy (how will you announce and market your new car).

7. Present your ‘finished product’ to the class. Get creative! You might want to include music to target your market, or create a multimedia presentation.

Be sure to record all decisions that your team takes, and to keep copies of your Design Brief, sketches, and brainstorming notes. These will be collected by your teacher.

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