Activity 2: World Events and the Automotive Sector

Format: Research, journalistic writing

Choose an event from the list below and write a newspaper article revealing how it impacted Canada’s car industry. Use your class history resources and the In Search of the Canadian Car virtual exhibition to help you in your investigation. Write your article as if you were a reporter at the time of the event. Be sure to explain how your chosen events impacted primary, secondary and tertiary industries related to the automotive sector.

• Industrial Revolution

• First World War

• Second World War

• Auto Pact

• World Oil Crisis

Format your news report following the 5Ws of investigation, answering the following questions:

• WHO is involved (which governments, organizations or individuals)

• WHAT is going on

• WHERE is the event happening, and WHERE is its impact being felt

• WHEN will key events happen

• WHY is this event occurring, and WHY impacting the automotive sector
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