Format: Brainstorming, group discussion

Many of life’s tasks were very different before the easy availability of cars. Think about all of the things you and your family do in one week that might rely on cars. How was this different in your grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ time?

As a class, brainstorm the following:

• Does your family own a car? If so, how many? Who drives them?

• How does having a car shape your daily activities?

• What industries and businesses in your community rely on the prevalence of car ownership?

• How does car ownership impact leisure activities in your community?

Topic for Class Discussion:

Can we say that Canada has a “Car Culture”? Why or why not? What might a “Car Culture” be? In your discussion, consider the formative role that cars have played in shaping Canada’s landscape, Canadians’ reliance on cars, and the ways in which cars influence Canadian art, literature and music. If Canada is a ‘Car Culture’ is this a good thing?
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