Photographs Widely Disseminated

William Notman was an internationally known and respected photographer, and his photographs were widely disseminated. The many studios he established under his name, which were operated in compliance with his goals and standards by staff trained in the Montreal studio, established Notman as a creator of fine portraits and landscapes in the minds of people in the major cities of eastern Canada and New England. His customers treasured their family albums filled with Notman portraits, and each year the photographing of thousands of graduating college students was a major event on campus. Notman’s landscapes were sold not only in all his studios but also in book stores, hotels and railway stations in the eastern U.S.A. and across Canada. His photographs of all types, portraits, landscapes, architecture and composites, were in frequent demand for magazine and newspaper publication in London, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal and other centres. They were also published as posters and calendars, and as illustrations in text books, tourist guides and pictorial collections, and were produced as lantern and stereographs.
Stanley G. Triggs

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