Élie Galermont is a new sailor on the privateer ship "The T". After a raid, he realizes that his captain is leading them to crime and acts more like a pirate than a privateer in the service of the king. Élie doesn’t like this and decides to go looking for evidence to expose his captain’s activities on his return. Through various games, with Élie Galermont search the ship to find evidence to expose the captain.

Game 5

The pivateer and its prize are returned to the port. The soliciter questions the captain to find out if everything was done according to the rules and to declare the goods lawfully taken.

But each of the three people before the soliciter insists that he is the real captain of the privateer. However, only one is telling the truth.

Help the solicitor unmask the imposters by asking questions and analyzing the answers offered by the privateersmen. Who is telling the truth?

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Musée maritime du Québec and Naval Museum of Québec

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