1 - Look for durable siding materials

Horizontal wood panelling was chosen for its durability and aesthetic qualities. This authentic material will restore the original look of the house. The material has withstood the test of time: it is resistant to shocks, easy to repair, and blends in perfectly with the other siding materials in the neighbourhood.

2 - Choose a wood siding that closely resembles the traditional material
  • The joint cover-strip board is a vertical assembly of boards with the joints covered by a strip of wood.
  • Clapboard refers to a siding of overlapping horizontal boards.
Some of the newer pre-stained wood siding kits (joint cover-strip or clapboard) closely resemble the original siding of the house. Today, they are available in a wide range of colours.

3 - Pay attention to architectural details and light work

The enclosed porch is preserved and turned into a solarium in order to conserve the original volume of the construction. It is also a passageway from the house to the sidewalk.

The following are a few ideas that give style to the house:
  • The corner boards add finish to the house.
  • Slightly curved decorative boards highlight the openings.
  • Below the window sills, vertical panelling belies the overbearing effect of the roof by giving an illusion of height to the porch.
  • Vertical boards (75 mm, or 5 inches thick) are installed on the corners of the house and on each side of the door and match corner boards. They are proportioned to accent the windows.
Final Result

The windows and siding material clearly accent the porch and dormer windows. And with their new, welcoming solarium, the owners have a lot to be pleased with.
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