Replacing the Siding with a Different Material

Choose your new siding with care to make sure it matches your house style. Select a material that is best adapted to the forms, texture, and dimensions of the traditional siding you want to reproduce.

Other materials like pre-stained wood, vinyl, hardboard, or asbestos-cement siding kits are available on the market. They are adequate alternatives.

  • Measure for basic framing around the doors and windows, minimum 3½-4 inches (9-10 cm). These architectural elements will further highlight the new horizontal siding.
  • The new siding should be installed on the same plane as the original, that is to say horizontal in most cases. Diagonal installation of the siding is not recommended because it is not representative of traditional methods.
  • Pastels and bright colours are not recommended as they soon go out of fashion.
  • Dark colours should also be avoided if the house is located in an open space, as the siding will be exposed to the sun and the colour will fade rapidly.

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