A professional hockey player was diagnosed with cancer. He vowed to return to the ice to play again. It took two years of intense chemotherapy and physical rehabilitation, but he did it. He came on to the ice to an eight-minute standing ovation. This player was driven to overcome adversity and succeed. Over the course of Canadian Sport history, there have been many of our athletes that have dedicated themselves not only to be a champion once but many times. Each one has faced numerous challenges (i.e. physical, emotional, societal, financial). In this section, there are five Canadian athletes, Ferguson Jenkins, Marlene Stewart Streit, Russ Jackson, Silken Laumann and Chantal Petitclerc that overcame obstacles to succeed in being the best.

Performance Tasks

Choose one of the following:

1. With a partner, create a photo/artefact timeline using one of the above athletes. As a part of this presentation, you will need to include:

  • dates
  • competitions
  • awards
  • historical dates that would highlight the struggles/challenges each of these athletes has faced in their sporting careers (i.e. civil rights movement in the 1960’s – its impact on Ferguson Jenkins).
  • Please use other outside sources to supplement your research.

2. Brainstorm a series of descriptive words that would describe these five athletes. Use Wordle to create a word cloud. Next, create another cloud focusing on your qualities. Write a reflective paragraph to go along with each cloud on why you chose these particular descriptive words for the athlete and yourself.

Ron Clark

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