There was a Little League baseball team that qualified for the final. The team they were playing against had never been beaten. Before the game, the coach gathered all the players around and told them that they could win this game. Hit the ball and get on base. You can all do this. Follow my advice and we will win. Each player took this to heart and each time a player went to the plate they called out the coach’s advice. In a stunning upset, the team won the game. This example shows how important every single player is to the outcome of the competition. It takes many factors such as: trust, teamwork, understanding, and encouragement. These five champions, Wayne Gretzky, Frank Filchock, Larry Walker, Noel MacDonald, and Hayley Wickenheiser knew how to work as strong supportive players to ensure that their team was successful in its goal.

Performance Tasks

Choose one of the following:

1. In groups of two, perform an interview. One person takes on the role of a reporter and the other is a member of the team. Practice and present to the class. Be creative! Dress up! Have props!

Interview Focus Questions:
  • What are the key factors to your team’s success?
  • Can you tell us a story in your career that highlights these key factors?
  • If you could give advice about teamwork to children, what would it be?
2. Using the information provided, create a list of words that demonstrates each of the qualities possessed by this group of athletes. Then, using those words create a type of poem highlighting these key factors. If time allows, add pictures, quotes, colours then frame it.
Ron Clark

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