Joannie Rochette had dreams of Olympic Gold in figure skating. Her mother suddenly passed away two days before she was to skate for Canada in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Amidst this tragic event, she skated and won a Bronze medal. In this, she became a Canadian sports hero by defying the impact of tragic loss and succeeding in a dream. This story exemplifies how we define a hero. There are many ways to define what a hero is. Each athlete that becomes a hero has a unique story. This section will focus on our aquatic heroes of the past, Mark Tewksbury, Alex Baumann, Irene Strong, Cindy Nicholas and Graham Smith.

Performance Tasks

Choose one of the following:

1. Using the pictures and/or video, create a Prezi presentation centering on why one of these competitive swimmers deserves to be called a ‘hero’. Less time is required to complete this task if you know how to use this software program.

2. On a piece of blank paper and using one of the above swimmers, create a collage of pictures which would graphically describe why this swimmer is a hero. On the backside, of the paper, describe in paragraph form your choices in pictures and why your choice is a Canadian hero. The collage must contain the images on the Teacher’s Centre plus others found on the internet. (i.e. Google Images,
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