Competitive sports are fast. Sometimes so quick that if you blink too slowly you could miss a key moment in sports history. Over the last century, with the advances in technology, it has become very easy to capture critical sports moments. These athletes have been caught in their crucial sports moment, Jacques Villeneuve, Kyle Shewfelt, Lucile Wheeler, Alison Sydor and Mary Rose Thacker.

Performance Tasks

Choose one of the following:

1. Choose one of the above athletes. Create and manage a Facebook page. The page must cover: history of what the player did to help their team succeed, types of friends they would have, where they live, wall posts, what types of events would they create etc.

2. Using a video camera or flip camera and YouTube, choose 3 friends and create a ‘Greatest Sports Moment’ video collection. Go to Greatest Sporting Moments and send in your YouTube videos so they can be added to this national sport exhibit.

3. Create a musical song about one of the athletes above. Using a musical instrument or music software, write, play and record a song. Play it for your classmates (or maybe your school!). Please be advised that a strong working knowledge of music and/or musical software is necessary to complete this task in a timely manner.
Ron Clark

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