Regular upkeep of the original doors is always the best option. It is a good economical and aesthetic choice, as shown in the following examples:

Hints to reduce energy consumption:

  • By installing a storm door of the same model as the original, you can protect the door from warping caused by moisture and reduce the risk of air infiltration.
  • An inexpensive solution is the installation of weather strips. There are many types available on the market. Ask at your hardware store for the best solution for you.
  • Replacing the sealant around the door windows will improve tightness and protect the wood from rot.
Reproducing a door model

The new door should closely resemble the original model. Consult a craftsperson for an accurate reproduction of the original.

Whenever possible, salvage the original hardware. The original lock, handle, and other accessories will give your new door an authentic look.

When replacing a door with a wood or steel model, try to find a doorframe that resembles the old model.

  • By maintaining the original position and symmetry of the doors and windows, you ensure the balance of the façade and other outer walls:
  • In order to maintain a balanced look, avoid walls without windows or without doors on the façade and sides of the house:

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