Highlighting traditional roofs

The charm of a traditional roof comes from a multitude of elements and details. Whenever possible, preserve the form of the roof, its original material, and its ornaments.

  • If possible, preserve the original material:
  • Respect the symmetry of the dormers and windows:
  • To set off the roof, highlight the cornices:
Roof maintenance

Prevention is always better than repairing or replacing. A roof requires particular care because it is always exposed to the elements.
  • Older roofs require constant care and inspection.
  • Carefully look for traces of moisture under the roof and in the attic. To better detect water infiltration, inspect the roof in rainy weather.
  • Make sure the attic space is well ventilated to keep humidity levels down. Select a ventilation grid that best fits your house style:
  • At least once per year, inspect the chimneys and flues for proper functioning and structural stability. Roofs often start to deteriorate around the chimney.
  • To repair, maintain, or replace traditional sheet-metal roofing, it is recommended that the task be given to expert roofers.

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