Divide the class into at least four groups. Assign at least one group to each of the four topics, representing a section on the website. Groups can double-up on one topic:

The Arts

Working in their group, students explore the webpage, dossier and, if applicable, video related to their topic.

The group develops a presentation about their theme for the class. The presentation should highlight:

•    At least two artefacts or documents of interest: what does each source reveal about the internees’ response to internment?
•    At least one anecdote of interest from the companion video testimony or another primary source.

Each group presents to the class. Encourage students to ask questions of each group.

After each group has presented, the class discusses how each theme contributes to their understanding of internment. Prompting question: How do the sources featured (i.e. diary entries, drawings, attempts to observe one’s religious beliefs) relate to modes of expression in your own life? How does the meaning of relatively simple forms of expression change in the context of internment?
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