Eurypterid post abdomen: Pterygotus anglicus Agassiz

Colour image of brown rock with dark brown circles and sketch of scorpion

Eurypterid post abdomen: Pterygotus anglicus Agassiz, Devonian, Atholville, New Brunswick, Collector: J. McGovern and R.F. Miller, 1995. Eurypterids are often called sea scorpions since they superficially resemble modern scorpions. Pterygotid eurypterids are ‘giant’ sea scorpions reaching 2.5 to 3 metres in length. In New Brunswick fossils indicate eurypterids were at least 1.7 metres long.

Collectors: J. McGovern et R.F. Miller
New Brunswick Museum
Atholville, New Brunswick, CANADA
Image width 50 cm
NBMG 10000
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