There’s Still Gold in Nova Scotia

None of Nova Scotia’s gold deposits are considered ‘mined out’ by mining industry standards. The province’s historic gold mining activities were limited to veins near the surface. In only a few mines, the workings went below 200 metres, a depth considered shallow in today’s mining. The deepest gold mine workings were 305 metres at Caribou, Halifax County, and Brookfield Mines, Queens County. This was mostly because the mining technologies in the heyday of Nova Scotia’s mining, the late 1800s-early 1900s, were not developed sufficiently to allow deeper mining to take place economically.

The gold-bearing quartz veins in Nova Scotian deposits extend to much greater depth than the depth to which they have been mined. As early as 1903, eminent Geological Survey of Canada geologist, E. R. Faribault, recognized the very close similarity of Nova Scotia’s lode gold deposits with those of the Ballarat-Bendigo goldfields of Australia, which have been mined to depths exceeding 1200 metres. It’s widely held that Nova Scotia’s deposits extend to similar depths and collectively hold as much gold.

Recent years have seen the value of gold soar to historic highs—between $1600-$1700/troy ounce—with projections that it will remain at these levels, or continue to climb, for the foreseeable future. This has created a global rush to find more deposits and Nova Scotia is getting its share of the activity. Currently, several mining companies are actively exploring our gold deposits. Two deposits, Moose River and Dufferin Mines, have passed through the province’s environmental assessment approval process and are close to mine startup. Several other deposits are undergoing advanced exploration and some have already found mineable gold resources. As well, the province’s prospectors are very active and many have finds that they have optioned to exploration companies. Nova Scotia may well be heading into its next gold rush.
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Dian Day, Susan Sellers, Rita Wilson
21st Century
Nova Scotia, CANADA
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