The painting re-creates the arrival of a group of refugees at a "station" on the Underground Railroad.

A group of refugee slaves is shown arriving at a "station" (or safe house) on the Underground Railroad. "Passengers" on this so-called "railroad" were escaped slaves. Usually, they travelled at night and often with a guide (or "conductor"). The distances between stations were just long enough to let the conductor go, on foot or in a wagon, and return home in a single night. On the back of the painting, the artist wrote: "This picture is painted for the love of my dear wife Frances Augusta Webber-C.T.W. Dec 22, 1891." This couple, who lived on the border of slave territory, may have been involved in the Underground Railroad.

Charles T. Webber
Cincinnati Art Museum
Oil on canvas
132.6 x 193.4 cm
Subscription Fund Purchase Accession #: 1927.
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