“For Cristes true love I do lyve and dye.
O true Valeyntyne is Oure Lord to me,
Al his body on the crosse he spredde,
And for that my soule his spouse shuld be.”
(John Lydgate, A Calendar, lines 56-59)

“ Passion” is a Greek word meaning “suffering.” Much of its original meaning remains in our use of this word to speak of physical suffering associated with the final days of Jesus' life or the ardent quality of young love or the heat of harmful acts. Love invites us to set aside our own self interest. Lovers long to give themselves to the beloved, to do what they can for the fulfillment of the beloved. Poets and philosophers alike say that the most powerful human feeling is love, and its passion reveals a landscape of human meaning encompassing the utmost vibrancy of life as well as the poignant pain of death.
Provincial Museum of Alberta; Maison Saint-Gabriel; Cupids Museum; Fanshawe Pioneer Village; Musée Colby-Curtis - Société historique de Stanstead; Doon Heritage Crossroads; St. Marys Museum; British Museum, London, England; Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, Sanibel, Florida, USA

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