Trouw, A Hearty welcome to you, soldiers of the Allied Armies.
“Five years ago foreign troops overran our country. They came as usurpers and oppressors. We hated to see them walk through our streets and live in our houses. Now again foreign troops march along our canals and enter our homes. This time they have come as our friends, as our Liberators! And how welcome they are! All through these long, dark years we have waited for you. We knew that one day you would come and give us back the freedom, we have lacked so sorely. Now you have bravely fought your way to us and the grand-day of our liberation has come. We only want to say thank you with all our heart. We hope you will have a good time in our country and enjoy the real Dutch hospitality. Of course you may count upon our help, whenever you want it! God bless you all!"
Canadian Heritage Information Network
c. 1944
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