Jean Béliveau Discusses His start With the Canadiens

Jean Béliveau racante ses débuts avec les Canadiens. Click 'View the Transcript' for video link


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Clip One:

Jean Béliveau discusses his start with the Canadiens.

For three years I came to the Canadiens’ training camp which started before the one in Quebec. And each time I left Quebec, they were scared that I would not return. And particularly, at that moment, let’s not forget that the Aces of Quebec in the Senior League of Quebec was the property of the paper mill, that was financially very comfortable. And yes it’s true, each time I left, they would tell me: "Whatever they offer in Montreal, the same thing here".

Well, it’s true perhaps that I could have joined the Canadiens, two or three years earlier, I could see it by the training camp’s performance, but for me in life, people are very important. They treated me well during those two years with the junior Citadelles. And the two years I finally spent with the Aces were an act of recognition towards the population of Quebec. And I’ve said it, I had announced one year finally with the paper mill, and Punch Imlach as the coach; I had played the second year with the Aces of Quebec.

Clip Two:

Jean Béliveau remembers the beginning of televised broadcasts.

I remember very well the first games when we would pass through the villages and that the merchant would place a television set in the window. It’s very clear in my mind. I remember, there were 25 or 30 people outside that would be watching the games. Because you know, in those days, we weren’t all fortunate enough to have a television set in ’52, ’53.

Clip Three:

Jean Béliveau talks about goaltenders.

Everyone talks about how Terry Sawchuck was such a great goaltender. If we are speaking here of elegance, Terry Sawchuck is my choice; but the one that gave me the most trouble is Johnny Bower. Johnny Bower was a stand-up goaltender. If you can remember, I use to love to make fakes, and most goaltenders would tend to move on fakes, but not Bower. And this was what would make the situation much more difficult. I’ve always had admiration for a goaltender that had a stand-up style. I admire many goaltenders, but Bower is the one that gave me the most difficulty (throughout my career).

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