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We Andrew Julien Chief of the Indians of the
River Miramichi and its Dependencies, Lewis, Etienne
___ ___ and Newell Toma Ganis ___. ____. ___. ___. ___
sons of Toma Ganis ___. ___. ___. Chief of the Tabinsuntack
Indians and Nicolai Julien, Pierre Julien and
John Atanas ___.. ___.. ___.. ___ .. ___..
____.. ____ being authorized by the same Indians of Miramichi and
its dependencies and of Tabusintack and Richi –
bucto ___.. ___. ___ to solicit from His Honor Major General
Smyth President and Commander in Chief of the Province of
New Brunswick permission to remain in a state of neutrality
during the present War with the United States of America and
having solicited and obtained such permission do for ourselves
and in the name and on the behalf of the rest of the said Indians
whom we represent promise that we and the rest of the said Indi
ans will continue in our fidelity to His Majesty the King of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and will not di
rectly or indirectly give or lend any aid or assistance to the armed
forces or to the Citizens and Subjects of the said United States at
Enmity with His said Majesty or to any others the Enemies of His
said Majesty: And will not during the continuance of the present
Wars in which His Majesty’s is engaged molest, injure, or disturb
in any manner or degree any of His Majestys Subjects in their
Persons or Properties, but will remain and continue in a State of
strict and perfect neutrality, doing no act whatever contrary to that
fidelity which we acknowledge to be due from us and those whom
we represent to His said Majesty.

In witness whereof we have set our hands and seals
hereunto at the City of Saint John in the Province of New
Brunswick the twentieth day of August in the Year of
our LORD one thousand eight hundred and twelve and
in the fifty-second Year of His Majesty’s Reign.

The Mark of Andrew
Lewis Toma Ganis Julien’s Mark.

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The mark of
Etienne Toma Ganis
Noel Toma Gonis
The mark of
Nicolai Julien X
The mark of
Pierre X Julien
The mark of
John X Atanas

T. Wetmore Atty. Genl.

Charles. J. Peters Judge Ct. V. Adty. –

Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick
c. 1812
New Brunswick, CANADA
© Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, UNB. All Rights Reserved.

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