Student Instructions

The world of the Cretaceous period was very different from the one we see today. In this activity, you will recreate the prehistoric world by making a collage.

Materials: Old magazines, Bristol board, construction paper, pencil crayons, felt pens, crayons, glue, scissors.

Activity Instructions

1. Gather magazine or hand-drawn pictures of plants, animals and other shapes that illustrate a Cretaceous environment. Try to use pictures that illustrate the environment in which the creatures of the Cretaceous would have lived. Create a collage that shows how the Cretaceous might have looked if you were there to see it. You can base your world on the information that you have found in the "Evolution in the Cretaceous" Learning Collection. You might also want to look at the "Uncrating the Cretaceous" and "Creatures of the Cretaceous" Learning Collections.

2. You may want to look at other resources such as books, magazines and what you may have seen on T.V. for more ideas.

3. Answer the following questions:
How is today’s environment different from the palaeoenvironment that you just created?
What things are still the same?

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