Haida Gwaii is homeland to the Haida people. Within this tremendously wealthy natural environment, a complex and sophisticated society was developed over thousands and thousands of years.

Traces of Haida ancestors have been found in over 800 recorded archaeological sites on Haida Gwaii. The oldest found to date, reveals an age of approximately 9000 years before present.

New archaeological evidence suggests that the population of Haida Gwaii could have once been as high as 30,000. This is based on the density of settlements found in the southern portion of the islands, as well as the discovery of many sites, now in intertidal or subtidal areas of the shoreline. Sea levels have fluctuated dramatically on Haida Gwaii. Ten thousand years ago, a grassy plain covered large portions of the Hecate Straits which now separate the islands from the mainland. People and animals moved freely through this area and the requirement for water travel was minimal by comparison with today.
The Haida Gwaii Community

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