Two mounted Ukrainian sheepskin coats

If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of these coats is more decorative. It’s also shorter and has no fastenings or buttons. We know that this coat would have been worn by a woman. The artifact on the right is the back of a man's coat. The woman’s coat dates to the early 1900s while the man’s coat dates to the early 1800s. The man’s coat is quite plain, and longer than the woman’s coat. It has a hook-and-eye fastening and it would have been worn with a belt. It is also very practical: it flares at the bottom so that the wearer can have freedom of movement in a work setting. Both coats are functional and warm. Each village had its own style of decoration, cut, and design. These were clues that revealed one’s identity and place of origin.

Royal Ontario Museum
Ukrainian Museum of Canada - Ontario Branch
1800 - 1900
Female coat: 997.128.7; male coat: 972.14.7
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