Dwayne Morgan is a spoken word artist or slam poet. He has written several books and won a number of spoken word competitions both in Canada and internationally. He addresses the importance of learning about Canada's collective histories.

Royal Ontario Museum
Dwayne Morgan, Spoken Word Artist

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I think, there’s always things to learn from the past and mistakes made in the past or things that you don’t want to make again. I think, more important though, I think we need to look at what’s happening in other parts of the world and try to see what we can do to avoid some of those things happening in our country. There are parts of the world that are so volatile right now, around various issues around equality and acceptance and these things that’s it’s really important for a country that says it’s multicultural to really look at these things and say, “what can we do so that people here feel safe, they feel included they see themselves as Canadians” because a lot of times especially you know, when people say, “Hey, where are you from?” that automatically just makes you feel as though you’re not a Canadian and you have to be from somewhere else. I mean people ask me that and I’m from here and I’m born here. So I mean, how do I answer that question? And you know, when I’m in Nova Scotia, with my friends, I mean there are friends that I have there who have that experience of generations of black people who have been in Nova Scotia for hundreds of years and they can say their great, great, great, great, grandfather and stuff like that were there but people don’t know and people don’t recognize that yeah, you know what, black people have been here for a really long time in this country. It’s almost a belief that everybody here who’s of a darker hue is a recent immigrant from somewhere but we do have a long history and until we can start teaching and embracing our collective histories then, you know, we run the risk of really repeating or following in the footsteps of some of the things that we see happening in other parts of the world.

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