Grace Bell's Great Blue Heron Research Notes:

Tape Number: M6.033(18c)
Recording Remarks: 15ips, Nagra III B, 40" Parabolic Reflector, AKG microphone, 220 feet from subject
Length: not available
Location Description: 6:00-7:00a.m.
Location Name: Swartz Bay Road and Land’s End Road, Victoria
General Remarks: The birds have just returned in the last two or three days. About seven of them seem to be in the tree. The one bird which was noisy was first at the nest and then standing on it. Another bird moved around the nest and then replaced the first bird by standing on or in it. The one in the branch beside the tree spread out the long plumes on the neck, lowered the head down below its perch and clicked the bill (heard on tape). There were five birds seen definitely in the tree but as the day wore on there may have been seven coming and going. It was hard to keep track. There are at least seven birds. The click or snap also appeared to be when a twig near the nest was broken but it did not fall and I did not see it taken in the bill. Background: Traffic not too bad, Bewick, Robin, Towhee, Pileated Woodpecker, squirrel very agitated. 
Date: 1963/03/02
Recorder: Grace Bell
The Royal British Columbia Museum
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