"We Haida were surrounded by art. Art was one with culture. Art was our only written language. Throughout our history, it has been the art that has kept our spirits alive"

- Robert Davidson, t’saalth laanaas clan.

The Haida art is acknowledged as one of the greatest in the world. Masterpieces of Haida art tradition are found in major museum collections around the globe. Figures from Haida myths are found in fine carvings in stone, metal, wood and woven objects.

"Art is a gift from the spirit world. We all have the ability to visualize: that is our connection with the spirit world"

- Robert Davidson, t’saalth laanaas clan, 1993.

Today, as in traditional Haida culture, art pervades every aspect of life. In the old times, you might fish for a halibut using an intricately carved hook. At a feast, you might be served seafood on a carved dish.

Today, a dancer might animate a ceremonial carved mask. A small sculpture might be given as a gift, traded or sold in an urban gallery. A mother might weave a spruce root hat for her daughter.
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Haida Gwaii Museum

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