Regalia worn by Maliseet Chiefs around the time of the Loyalist arrival in New Brunswick.

While waging war with France, England also commenced a series of Treaty negotiations with Wabanuwok. Throughout 1760, Maliseet, Mi'qmaq, and Passamaquoddy representatives traveled to Halifax (Nova Scotia) to sign treaties with England. These were renewals of agreements established in 1725, again confirming that Wabanahki hunting and fishing rights..."shall for ever thereafter be strictly observed". Reproduction made in 1987 by Chris Paulocik at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa.

Jan Vuori, Chris Paulocik
New Brunswick Museum
1760 - 1780
New Brunswick, CANADA
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Learning Objectives

Learners will become aware of the type of ceremonial clothing worn by Wolastoqkew (Maliseet) Chiefs at the time of the Loyalist arrival.

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