Daniel Dion describes The Moment of Truth


The Moment of Truth is like a kind of awakening. We're here, we're a lot of people, we're taking up the entire planet, 77 billion people... I mean, if we go on like this, soon there'll be more people than termites [laughing]. Alright, I'm exaggerating, but it's true – we're like termites, we're here, we're everywhere... And it's as if the moment of truth has come, as if we're getting to a point where we're starting to wonder who we really are. Not so much who we are in terms of "I'm responsible for this," and the sense of dominance or paternalism that humans frequently take on in relation to the other species around us, but more just the awareness of being part of something, of existing in a kind of present moment. That's what it's all about ultimately, one never-ending present moment, and that awareness not so much of responsibility but more of existing... how to put it... of being part of something that's so huge, so complex in both its infinite smallness and its infinite grandeur.