Daniel Dion discusses his artistic background


When I was studying the arts, I took an art course and the instructor told me, "Give up. You'll never have a career in art". I told him, "You're right, your class is boring anyway. Sign me out". But it was strange: in my last or second-last year of high school, there was some kind of lab – I don't know, I think back then the schools had more money – anyway, there was this lab for French courses, I think, that had gotten some video equipment, including the very first portable equipment. Well, they say portable, but it took two people and a huge carrying case, but anyway, it was one of the first Sony Portapaks complete with the reels, and I would go out with that with a couple of the other students who were interested in the same thing, and that was the turning point for me. I produced some stuff, and it wasn't exactly award-winning, but it was the first time I had found a medium that I could really get into. My mother tried to make me take piano and that didn't work, the art classes didn't work, but video, video really got me going. And it still gets me going today – well, between that and photography, both of them, there's something there – sometimes when I look at the work, there's an esthetic aspect too, visual, photographic. Does it fit in with some kind of trend? Maybe, maybe not. It's probably up to others to be the judge of that.