Asahi baseball team, 1917

issei (ees-say)

Japanese term meaning first generation of Japanese to emigrate from Japan and settle permanently in a new country.

Nikkei (neek-kay)

Japanese term meaning ‘of Japanese descent,’ referring to Japanese immigrants and their descendants.

nisei (nee-say)

Japanese term meaning those of the second generation; people whose parents were born in Japan.

Founding the Club


The Asahi team's idols were the Vancouver Nippon Baseball Club, a senior team formed a few years before the Asahis in 1908. The younger Asahi club matured playing teams of local longshoremen and firefighters, and teams from along the coast and the British Columbia interior. Soon the Asahis outmatched every other Nikkei ball team and were ready for bigger play.


Vancouver Asahi baseball team, July 3, 1917. Courtesy of the Kitagawa Family.