Last Asahi team, 1941

Nikkei (neek-kay)

Japanese term meaning ‘of Japanese descent,’ referring to Japanese immigrants and their descendants.

Powell Street Grounds

Used for baseball and soccer from 1898 on, this park, officially named Oppenheimer Park, is located on the East side of Vancouver, bounded by Powell, Jackson, Cordova and Dunlevy Streets. Many Nikkei lived in the immediate area before the community was uprooted in 1942. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver.’


Deciding to disband

On Labour Day 1941, the Asahi team played its last game at the Powell Street Grounds against the Fife, Washington team, winning the Pacific Northwest Championship for the fifth consecutive year. Two months later, Canada was at war with Japan. Nikkei were branded "enemy aliens."


Last Asahi team, 1941. Columbia Studio. Back L-R: Yuki Uno, Eddie Nakamura, Nagi Nishihara, Kohei Mitsui, Kaz Suga. Front L-R: Mike Maruno, Ken Kutsukake, George Shishido, Roy Yamamura, Tom Sawayama, Frank Shiraishi. Kneeling: Kiyoshi Suga. Courtesy of Reggie Yasui.