Honest Ed´s Nisei baseball team

Nikkei (neek-kay)

Japanese term meaning ‘of Japanese descent,’ referring to Japanese immigrants and their descendants.

nisei (nee-say)

Japanese term meaning those of the second generation; people whose parents were born in Japan.

New Generations

Teams form again

Some who had played on Asahi youth teams formed new clubs where they resettled. The Montreal Nisei Baseball Team won a city title in 1949, the year Nikkei were allowed back to the Pacific coast. The Vancouver Nisei won the 1953 city championship. In Toronto, former Asahi catcher Ken Kutsukake coached Honest Ed’s Nisei and the Westerns Baseball Club.


Honest Ed's Nisei baseball team, Toronto City Senior Champions, 1956. Ken and Rose Kutsukake Collection. Japanese Canadian National Museum.