Tokyo Giants and Vancouver Asahis

Con Jones Park

Used for baseball, soccer, lacrosse and midget car racing from 1912 to 1971, this park, also called Callister Park, was located in East Vancouver, west of the Pacific National Exhibition grounds bounded by Renfrew, Oxford, Cambridge and Kaslo Streets. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver’.

stealing bases/base stealing

When a player on base successfully reaches the next base while the pitcher is throwing the ball to home plate and the ball has not yet been hit, or caught by the catcher.

The Club and the community

Tokyo Giants

Asahi fans packed the stands at Con Jones Park in May 1935 when the Tokyo Giants came to Vancouver. The Giants and Asahis played several exhibition games. The Sun newspaper had praise for Reg Yasui, the “clever local backstop and manager of Asahis, who nailed three Tokyo Giants trying to steal second base in the first game of the series.”


Detail of group portrait, Tokyo Giants and Asahi baseball teams, Con Jones Park, Vancouver, B.C., May 24, 1935. Matsu Family Collection. Japanese Canadian National Museum.