Homma family

Nikkei (neek-kay)

Japanese term meaning ‘of Japanese descent,’ referring to Japanese immigrants and their descendants.

Facing Racism


From their earliest days in Canada, Nikkei like Tomekichi Homma, Rev. Goro Kaburagi, and Etsu Suzuki believed in full rights in society. In 1900 Homma became the public face of a challenge by the community to gain the right to vote. Though Homma won his case in the Canadian courts, the British court reversed the decision, denying Nikkei the vote.


Homma family, ca. 1908. L-R: Matsu Homma holding baby Junkichi Homma, with Joe Homma standing beside his father Tomekichi Homma. Homma Family Collection. Japanese Canadian National Museum 94/88.3.002.