Asahi baseball club, 1922

Con Jones Park

Used for baseball, soccer, lacrosse and midget car racing from 1912 to 1971, this park, also called Callister Park, was located in East Vancouver, west of the Pacific National Exhibition grounds bounded by Renfrew, Oxford, Cambridge and Kaslo Streets. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver’.

The Leagues

Vancouver Terminal League

The Asahi club's first years in the Terminal League from 1921 to 1926 honed their unique style of play with local teams like Mount Pleasant and St. Augustine 'Stags.' Later, in 1930, they would return to star again in this league, playing the Meralomas, Abbotsford Hotel, and IOCO Imperials at Con Jones Park.


Vancouver Asahi baseball club, Powell Street Grounds, Vancouver, B.C., 1922. Courtesy of the Kitagawa Family.