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Preparing Food
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Preparing Food ( 1:18 min 1.8 MB )


The Acadians used several methods of cooking food.

One way was using iron pots over an open fire. Water was boiled and mussels, clams, fish potatoes were all put in the pot to make a fine seafood meal.

To bake bread, an outdoor clay oven like this replica was used.

First a roaring wood fire was set in the oven. Over several hours this heated the oven to a very high temperature.

Bread dough was kneaded and placed on top of the oven. The heat helped it rise ready for making loaves,

then the women would use a rake to remove the embers from the oven. The embers were very hot.

A wet wooden door was then put on the front of the oven to let it cool to a baking temperature. The loaves of bread dough would be put in the oven and left to bake.

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