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Farmers' Bank of Rustico Museum

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"Father Belcourt's" Welcome

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Father Belcourt's Welcome
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"Welcome to the Farmers' Bank of Rustico Site.

My name is Father Georges-Antoine Belcourt. When I arrived in Rustico, Prince Edward Island in 1859 as the parish priest, I found a community in great need. One of the first tasks I undertook was to build a parish hall to house the Farmer's Bank of Rustico. The bank I created opened its doors in 1864 and transformed our Acadian community. It was to be the first people's bank in Canada and the precursor to the Credit Union Movement.

The Island's oldest Acadian house, known as the Doucet House, is also an important part of our site. Built around 1772, this restored home reflects early Acadian life on PEI and showcases a number of early artefacts.

I also invite you to visit St. Augustine's Church which held its first midnight mass in 1838. Once the pro-cathedral for the Charlottetown diocese, it is the oldest Catholic church on Prince Edward Island.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you."

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