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Square Dancing

The Métis are widely known for their square and round dancing. In fact, square and round dance competitions are always the main highlight of Métis cultural events such as “Back to Batoche Days”or the “Prince Albert Métis Fall Festival”. These dances are infinitely more complex than jigs because they require participants to work as couples and to follow a caller’s directions. The caller uses panache, creativity, humour and musical knowledge to ensure that people stay in time with the music and enjoy themselves. Good callers can keep a dance going well into the morning. While anybody can take part in square dancing under the guidance of a good caller, the spectacle of competitive, enthusiastic and brightly-clad square dancers maintaining a complex choreography and intricate dance steps to upbeat music is very entertaining.

Adapted From:

Paquin, Todd, Préfontaine, Darren, and Young, Patrick. “Traditional Métis Socialization and Entertainment”., 2003.

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