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Michael Nicoll - Haida Artist

Michael Nicoll, Yahgulanaas, was raised by John Bruce Hageman, Saangaahl laanas sdastaas, and Babs Hageman, Yahjaanaas, in Delkatla, Massett. He is a political "Arrrtist," and works professionally seeking solutions to jurisdictional disputes between Colonial and Indigenous governments both here in Canada and internationally. He is also author of A Tale of Two Shamans (Theytus Books, Penticton, 2001), an illustrated exploration of an ancient Haida narrative.

Michael was named Yahladaas (White Raven) at a feast given by Emma Matthews, Saanlanaa Yahjaanaas. He was first named Waatchesdaa (Fortunate Twin) by Emily White, 7waahl gidaag Yahjaanaas, at a feast given by Florence Davidson, Jaadrahl Yahjanaas. Michael was also named Simjuuaa by Nellie Yeomans, Srajuugaahl laanaas.

He was born a Nicoll with a Red Hawk crest from Uladoon on the north west coast of Scotland; a Yahgulanaas Raven from inside Gowgaaia in the south and the Shark house from Daadans on the mid west coast; and a Twin-finned Orca from the northern coasts of Haida Gwaii at Klinkwan, Alaska.

He is a descendent of Charles Edenshaw, Daa xiigang 7idansuu Saanggaahl laanaas sdastaas, and Alfred Adams, Kyaanuusilee, and grandson of Massett 7laanaas au (Town mother/village chief) Oliver Adams, Gaala of Gitaans. Cousin to Jim Hart on the Raven side of the family.

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