The Respect To Bill Reid Pole

First Nations Territory Map - Bill Reid - Haida Artist

This map was developed under the First Nations Initiatives Program at the Museum of Anthropology, and illustrated by Lyle Wilson (Haisla Nation). The project began in 1994 as a way to recognize the territories of First Nations on the West Coast by the names they prefer. First Nations peoples have always recognized themselves by names in their own language, names that denote their village, house, clan or tribe affiliation. Following European contact some 200 years ago, the majority of tribal groups in B.C. were given arbitrary English names, or identified under generic terms created by early explorers and ethnographers. This map seeks to restore the original terms for these territories not all of which are yet known. Thus the map is regularly revised and re-issued as new information comes to light.

Please note that the boundaries shown on the map depict language areas and are not authoritative depictions of tribal territories. Terms and spellings do not reflect all dialects or names used by First Nations living within the illustrated regions. Map copyright held by the Museum of Anthropology; please do not reproduce without permission.

Copyright 2002