The Respect To Bill Reid Pole

Ernie Campbell - Speeches - Bill Reid - Haida Artist

First of all, it's a great honour for me to be here today to speak on behalf of the Musqueam Nation. I'd like to commend Jim Hart and all his carvers for just a fantastic and beautiful job on this "Respect to Bill Reid Totem Pole."

I have fond memories of Bill Reid. In the 80s, we had a demonstration on South Marine Drive. Bill couldn't make it, but he sent me a message saying that he supported us, and in any way he could help, he would. He said we could use his name if it would help our cause, and I still have respect for Bill Reid for that.

As is traditionally done, we welcome each other to our territories. So on behalf of the Musqueam Nation, our Elders, I'd like to welcome the Elders of the Haida Nation, the Chiefs, and all members of the Haida Nation here today for this special celebration of the raising of "The Respect to Bill Reid Totem Pole." I'd like to welcome all other Chiefs, First Nations, guests, non-Aboriginals, and everyone here today to our territory for this special occasion.

I thank you all for coming to witness this today. And again, on behalf of Musqueam, I welcome you all to our territory.

Thank you.

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