Plants and Animals

Distinct plant and animal species live in grasslands.

A photograph of a field of arrowleaf balsamroot flowers. Click to enlarge,
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Field of arrowleaf balsamroot flowers - B17-026-67-18-om ©Chris Harris

They are adapted to living where drought is common, summers are long and hot, and winters are cold and relatively dry. Many of the animals are grazers, like the California Bighorn Sheep, and others, like the marmot, burrow underground. Some animals, such as the Sharp-tailed Grouse, use both the grasslands and nearby forests during the year, while others, such as the Western Harvest Mouse (vole), spend their entire lives in the grasslands.

A photograph of California Big Horn SheepClick to enlarge,
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California Big Horn Sheep. 7920-CH-0605-om ©Chris Harris

A photograph of a sharp tailed grouse.Click to enlarge,
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Sharp tailed grouse. B00-413-1-11-om ©Chris Harris


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