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  Fungus in Our Lives
The fungus kingdom is a goldmine of interesting chemicals. So far we have exploited only a handful.

Biochemical prospectors will no doubt discover many more. In their search for new drugs they are now turning to an untapped fungal source, one that seems very tolerant to microbial disease—the lichens.

Although still controversial, new crop plants will likely be genetically engineered for resistance to fungi. Meanwhile, the hunt for new fungal agents that will control specific weeds and insect pests continues. This work has already uncovered new information about how fungi cause plant diseases. In the future it may even lead to remedies for human disease.

Forestry scientists are currently developing ways to apply mycorrhizal soil fungi to soil, encourage the growth of transplanted and established trees. And—if other research is successful—when those trees are eventually harvested for pulp, white rot fungi may be employed in the conversion process, cutting back the paper industry's reliance on bleach, water, and energy.
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