A tinted postcard image of four small children on a chaotic street made up of a dirt path, some housesand many tree stumps.

Welcome to the Curriculum section of the Cobalt Adventure where teachers will find a variety of lesson plans to use in their classrooms. Integrating both visual and literary arts with social studies, history and geography, the lessons cover the most significant aspects of life in Cobalt during the boomtown era.

Teachers should ensure that students play the Cobalt Adventure Game before moving on to the various lesson plans. As well, the Actual Factuals provide important background information that will further enhance the learning experience. Students can visit the Actual Factuals each time they reach an ending in the game or view them in the Library.

The Cobalt Adventure provides many engaging learning opportunities for students. Since the Cobalt Adventure game provides the content upon which the rest of the site is based, the recommended approach is to play the game before using the other resources or lesson plans.


Silver was discovered in 1903 during the building of the railroad through northern Ontario.

A silver rush ensued which brought thousands of people to the newly formed town of Cobalt. The town was not prepared for the huge influx of people and quickly experienced serious problems related to public health and dangerous working conditions.

The boomtown era in Cobalt lasted roughly from 1903 until the First World War, after which Cobalt's silver was mined out and prospectors, miners and investors turned their attention elsewhere. Cobalt is now a town of approximately 1300 people with no operating silver mines.

Playing the Game

The game is best played in the flash format (an html version is included on this site). Once you have entered the game, the player then picks a character and follows the narrative, making choices along the way that result in different outcomes. Some of the outcomes might be surprising and teachers should know that there are many unhappy endings included in the game! This aspect of game play captures the authentic boomtown experience in Cobalt.

How to Use the Cobalt Adventure Web site

The game is supported by a series of Actual Factuals that accompany each of the 28 possible endings in the game. These contain background information, historic photos, and interesting facts and figures that are relevant to the part of the game that has lead to the ending. They can be found both within the game as well as conveniently stored together in the library.

There is also a series of discussion questions based on the Actual Factuals that provide some guidance for class discussion following the playing of the game. These too can be found in the library along with a glossary to help students with unfamiliar terms.

Included as well are some lesson plans that allow for a more in-depth exploration of some of the issues raised in the Cobalt Adventure. These lesson plans, in keeping with the nature of the Cobalt Adventure game, tend to employ creative approaches such as art and creative writing. They are relevant to a range of grades.