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Born in 1815.

Azáde, means "Liver." Following our tradition to nickname someone after one of their children, he was also known as Aakuutááʔ, which means "Aku's dad," after the birth of his son, Ray Aku, in 1879.

Azáde had seven children and has many descendants living at Doig River and other Dane-zaa communities today. Stories about him are still being circulated through our oral tradition.

Tommy Attachie, 2005

Tommy Attachie, telling a story about the Dreamer Azáde. Doig River Museum, 2005.

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Doig River Drummers singing an A<u>z</u>áde song, 2004.

Tommy Attachie and the Doig River Drummers singing a song by the Dreamer Azáde, Doig River, 2004.

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